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Bull's eye
In the FOXIP project, researchers form Empa, EPFL and the Paul Scherrer Institute developed a new printing ink and a transistor with "memory effect" thanks to serendipity. 
Relevant for all of us

A successful implementation of Switzerland's Energy Strategy 2050, personalized medicine for our society and a competence center for quantum technologies – Tanja Zimmermann has set herself ambitious goals. The new director explains why her heart beats for Empa.

One peculiar pet

The body is the house of the soul, as the philosopher Philon of Alexandria put it. In this house, the cochlea, the "snail", is our pet. Researchers at Empa's Center for X-ray Analytics, examined the cochleae using microcomputed tomography.

Mysterious crystals

Crystals consisting of wildly mixed ingredients so-called high-entropy materials are currently attracting growing scientific interest. An Empa team is producing and researching these mysterious ceramic materials, which have only been known since 2015.

Suspicious copper

Copper exposure in the environment and the protein alpha-synuclein in the brain could play an important role in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease. New findings could help develop strategies for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Making it light

Wim Malfait is a trained geologist who once searched for gold on behalf of a mining company. Today, he heads Empa's Building Energy Materials and Components lab, which develops super-lightweight aerogel insulation materials.


On solid ground

Lithium-ion batteries without flammable liquids so-called solid-state-batteries are considered the next big thing in battery technology. Empa is pursuing various approaches.

Following the sun

An Empa study now calculates the influence of energy storage systems on the maximum possible transition speed – and thus also on the probability of successfully mastering the climate crisis.


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