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Quantum of carbon

Researchers at Empa have developed unique carbon materials with astonishing, hitherto unattained electronic and magnetic properties, which one day could be used to build quantum computers with novel architectures.

Valley of death

Hubert Keiber, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Werner Siemens Foundation, describes why the Board decided to award a 15 million Swiss francs grant to a team of Empa researchers.

Funding research

Many potentially groundbreaking ideas are born in the minds of Empa researchers – not all of them can be implemented, and for some there is simply no funding. The Empa Zukunftsfonds is intended to close this gap in the future.

Brain meteorite

A blood clot in the brain can cause an acute stroke. In this case, every minute counts. A team from Empa, the University Hospital in Geneva and the Hirslanden Clinic is developing a diagnostic procedure that can be used to start a tailored therapy in a timely manner.

Cosmic glass

Together with researchers from Ulm and Neuchâtel, Empa will soon be studying material samples on the ISS. The material in question are super-hard and corrosion-resistant alloys of palladium, nickel, copper and phosphorus - also known as "metallic glasses". 

A price for CO2

To reach climate targets Empa is starting on its doorstep: Greenhouse gas emissions will be minimized at the new "co-operate" research campus. Empa also launches a research initiative to develop innovative CO2-negative processes.


Empa - The book

Beyond Materials


Arts and technology

The New York and Istanbul based artist Sonia Li has created an artificial flower garden with her walk-through installation ,"Buddhaverse", which also features two technologies from Empa's Advanced Fibers lab.

The Calculator

While setting up his new lab at Empa, the Covid pandemic made Ivan Lunati's work quite a bit harder – and at the same time provided exciting questions for his research.

Trapping noise

Impact sound is a challenge even for the most modern wooden buildings. Scientists at Empa are tinkering with a solution.

Hot data

A newly data center in the NEST research building is not only used for data processing, but also helps to heat the building. The server system is part of the EU research project ECO-Qube, which is investigating the integration of data centers into building systems.


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